A KING IN PARADISE is a multidimensional project that explores the untold journey of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s five days in Hawaii during September 1959, from a multi-generational point of view.

MLK Virtual Gallery Exhibit's Virtual Livestream Fundraising Party

On Thursday, December 30,
we are hosting a Virtual Livestream Fundraising Party.

A Hawaiian Soul dinner will be catered for our VIP sponsors coupled with an exclusive opportunity to attend live discussions with the filmmakers.

This reception will then be followed by a larger party where guests will be wowed and entertained by DJ’s, contortionists, artists of various mediums as well as the opportunity to take part in additional discussions to elevate this project.

MLK Virtual Gallery Exhibit

A King in Paradise Virtual Gallery Exhibit fully immerses the audience in the stories as they come to life through the wonders of Virtual Reality (VR).

Our VR Team will build an art gallery to host these stories from Black folks in Hawaii. Guest can visit this gallery via VR Headset (VR) or via their laptops/phones (AR). Each of the corners of the room will be dedicated to (3) major locations that MLK visited in 1959.

There are three frames hung in each corner of the room that represent the past, present and future. The audience can walk up to these frames and hear these amazing stories about Black Identity and the influence of space and place.

Our Mission is to present counter-narratives that challenges established thoughts on what it means to be Black in America. This project invites Blacks in Hawaii from various backgrounds to share stories that will expand our audience’s notion of Black Humanity.

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